chop, chop

Can you guess what I made recently?  No, not soup..   I have been on this, let’s try something new for dinner kick, and have been reading different blogs/websites to gather some ideas.  There are some really great recipes out there, but, I want something that 6 people will eat…and something that is not completely fattening and unhealthy.

I wasn’t sure how this dinner was going to go over with the gang, but it went surprisingly good.  They all liked it.  It’s not something that will be added into my weekly rotation, but I think once a month in the fall/winter I’ll throw it in just to mix it up a bit.

The recipe is for wild rice cheesy chicken casserole which I got from the picky palate’s blog.  Trader’s has all your ingredients (you all know how often I go there, but if you don’t have one close by any store will have what you need).  Oh and guess what, I cheated… I didn’t really chop those veggies above, all three came in one container already  chopped…so to save time, I bought that.  I’ll tell you, the house smelled really good as these veggies were sautéing.  I think it’s the cheese sauce that it’s mixed in that made it so good though.  I used the Trader Joe’s Light Mexican blend, but I am thinking, next time to go with sharp cheddar…I think it will give it a little more …umpf….you know, a little more pizzaz .

(Sorry that I only took one pic.  I meant to take more but got busy multi-tasking while cooking and forget to take more pics).


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